The project

Monitoring the implementation of the law

The French Law on the duty of vigilance marks a historical step in the protection of human rights and the environment.

This website provides tools to contribute to the effectiveness of this Law: to better identify companies covered by the Law, to find their vigilance plan and to analyse their vigilance measures.

Identifying the companies covered

The Law on the duty of vigilance applies to companies that employ at least 5,000 employees in France or 10,000 employees worldwide. These thresholds, along with the opacity of corporate information, make the identification of the companies covered by these obligations difficult. On the basis of available data, we compiled a – non-exhaustive – list of companies exceeding these thresholds.

Making vigilance plans more accessible

The companies covered by the Law must publish a vigilance plan and include it in their annual report. This publication obligation is a key element of vigilance as, without transparency, it is impossible for external stakeholders to verify whether companies implement adequate measures. We intend to make vigilance plans easier to access, in France and abroad.